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All His Love

Interpretes: 50 cent
Cancion: All His Love
Comentario: Aca va esto para los que les gusta el Hip Hop (50 cent uno de los mejores) Cansado

He gon' give you all his love! (love...)
He gon' give you all his time! (time...)
He won't let a minute go by (by...)
Without the thought of you crossing his mind! (mind...)
I be like: "Fuck a bitch! " - I'm tryna stay rich
And tryna concentrate on hoes. (hoes...)
Even if I fuck that bitch to the freakiest shit
By the morning - I got the dough! (dough...)

[Verse 1:]
Yeah! - I got all kinda bitches: from vet bitches to beginner bitch (uh!)
My phone ringing and I ain't answering cause I ain't been a bitch. (yeah!)
I'm all like a pimp than a trick. - I send a bitch! (hahaaa!)
50's and lead escorts, call me the runner bitch. (whoooooo-whooooooooooooooohhhhhh!)
If we going out, we going dutch pay for your inner, bitch!
Look bitch! - This is my life, I'm on some different shit.
Every different day I wake up to play with a different bitch
Bitches love me. (yeah!) - Just like I loooove me! (yeah, YEEEAH!)
Fat bitch, skinny bitch, short bitch, tall bitch (uh!)
You want buy me shit? - Meet me at the mall, bitch!
Then the strip club, now holla at your ass, bitch!
Get the cash, bitch, and then go back to your man, bitch!


[Verse 2:]
I got a ghetto bitch, a good bitch, a certified hood bitch (whoooohhhh!)
You with me to the end. - Bitch fuck me and a friend is sad. (uh-huh!)
I'm headed to the top, bitch, I'm tryna get it on! (yeah!)
A real bitch'll be there for a nigga if he fall.
The club packed front to the back up in this bitch (uh-huuuh!)
Got on my Louie checkers grey and black up in this bitch.
Diamonds on my neck! - Diamon'-diamonds on my neck!
Bitch nigga front if you want. - We got swammies on the deck! (ooohhh!)
Put your ass here - over a bitch, the bitch ain't shit
Since a porno clip with a bitch. - She can't suck dick;
But damn nigga, use your head!
She gon' find another dick to suck when you're dead! [echoes] (hahaaa!)

This that shit right here.
Feel like it's s'pose to be on that "Detox"!
Niggas think they better than me...
But they NOT!
Fuck that!
I'm just gon' start over!
So why you act like I ain't been that nigga 8 years?
And I'm a new nigga!
Call me "Ferrari"!
GG-GG- G-Unit!

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