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ENGLISH "Overfly" Sword Art Online (AmaLee)

Interpretes: AmaLee
Cancion: "Overfly" Sword Art Online
Comentario: Aca algunos doblajes de música japonesa Cansado

Hands up high Raise them high
And cast your worries to the sky
There's no doubt Not one doubt
As I make my wish and let it cry out

If I gathered all the love in my heart
That grows with every passing day
I would find a confusing puzzle
That changes and rearranges

Will I ever find my place? I'm not sure
Or will I forever feel insecure?
And the moment all the questions fade
I notice my tears
But can't hold them back

Maybe it's too late
I've lost my chance
All of my questions shall go unanswered
Will I keep fighting to find the light or
Will I descend to a bitter end?

*Hands up high Raise them high
And cast your worries to the sky
If you can't stand
Then take my hand
And I will rise to fight by your side
My beating heart is burning on
And as it races I realize
There's no doubt Not one doubt
As I make my wish and let it cry out

I have always danced to my own beat
But you always throw me out of sync
'Cause around you I am holding back
And I'm mastering a fake brave smile

Maybe it's too late
I've lost to my dreams
All of my wishes come true only here
If I wake up now, I'll lose this moment
I fear my dreams will fade around me

I'm so close yet so far
I can't reach out to where you are
I'd give my heart I'd give my soul
But some things are not in our control

Your hand's not meant for me to hold
And I'll be lonely when you're gone
I'm aware So aware
Only through my memory you'll be there

It's not the destiny that I've dreamed of
And as I cry I know this is goodbye
How can I ever reach you
When I can't even see the sky

Repeat *

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